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Post Bariatric Surgery Tampa



Post Bariatric Surgery TampaMost post-bariatric surgery patients experience an extreme loss of skin elasticity and massive weight loss over a short period of time. These patients are often left with loose sagging skin that no longer has the elasticity to conform to a slimmer shape. Body contouring procedures can be performed to help the patient's skin fit the new slimmer shape. These procedures are often referred to as total body lift.

Post-bariatric body contouring procedures differ greatly from contouring procedure performed on normal weight patients. They require the surgeon to address the entire body circumferentially, rather than one or two specific area. Therefore, the techniques are different, experience is crucial and exercising extraordinary safety measures are needed.

Dr Baddoura has an extensive experience in body contouring of the massive weight loss patient. He sees between 5 and 10 new post-bariatric patient a week in his private practice. He recognizes the emotional need and physical challenges of these patients and refines his techniques and approaches accordingly. In his practice, massive weight loss patients get an extensive work up to make sure that their weight has stabilized and that they are ready physically and mentally for the surgery. He explains to his patient that the extent of body contouring procedures needed to achieve the desired result could vary from one patient to another.

Most patients require a tummy tuck, lower body lift (lift of buttock and outer thighs), belt lipectomy (combination of tummy tuck and lower body lift), inner thighs and arms lift, breast lift and augmentation, a neck and facelift. These procedures are usually done in combination on different stages. Each combination is limited to a six-hour operation, and the waiting period between each set of surgeries ranges from weeks to several months to ensure patient safety. Dr Baddoura believes that each patient is unique and tailors these procedures to achieve the best possible esthetic appearance.


An incision is made at the pubic hairline from hip to hip. Skin is lifted from the underlying tissue, muscles are tightened and stitched. Fat and extra skin is removed. The extra skin at the pubic area is lifted up at the same time when the extra skin of the tummy is pulled down. The incision is closed with no outside sutures. Surgical drains are placed for few days and patients may need to wear compression garments for few weeks for faster healing. Recovery is usually within three to four weeks.


A long incision is made beginning at the arm pit and stretching to the elbow. Excess skin, fat and other tissue are removed and remaining skin is brought together and stitched for a slimmer contour. Drains are left in place for few days. Garments are always helpful. Recovery is usually within two to three weeks.


An incision is made strategically on the inside of the thighs and along the groin crease to minimize visibility of scars. This is frequently combined with liposuction of the entire thigh to remove most of the redundant sagging skin. Surplus skin is removed; lifting and approximating together of remaining skin is done to form the new contour of the thigh. Drains are also needed for few days. Compression garment are helpful for few weeks. Recovery is within three to four weeks.


Meticulous marking of the patient in the preoperative standing position is extremely important to achieve symmetrical and esthetic results. An incision is made along the lower back just above the buttock midline crease. Excess skin and fat is excised symmetrically over the lower back, lifting the sagging buttock and outer thigh area. Drains are needed in the post-operative period.
Belt lipectomy is the combination of lower body lift and a tummy tuck. Belt lipectomy usually requires hospitalization and longer recovery time.


The majority of patients with massive weight loss surgery will require breast augmentation combined with breast lift since a large proportion of breast tissue is lost with weight loss. The breast lift involves a scar around the areola and at the inferior half of the breast often referred to as “lollipop incision”. Patients achieve good upper breast fullness and esthetically pleasing cleavage with this procedure. No drains are needed and recovery is within two to three weeks.

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